Chartered Professional Accountant


Areas of Practice



Our assurance services are designed to build a strong understanding of your business, assess your internal controls, and identify risks and opportunities within your business.

These services are provided in assignments under:

  • Internal Audits - Helping you to analyze your internal controls and financial processes to identify risks, add value, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your business.  Internal audits are important to assist you to make sound decisions and improve performance.

  • Financial Statement Audits and Reviews - An independent service provided to small or medium sized companies.  The professional focus is on users of the financial statements and therefore timely deliveries, accuracy, and tailored audit plans to meet your business requirements are our main goal.


Our advisory services provide innovative, flexible, and cost-effective managed services to organizations that are growing and are looking to move to the next step.

These services include part-time controllership, CFO, and project managed services to restructure the company internally by assessing its financial processes, work-flows, and assist with selecting and implementing ERP systems.

These projects have the objective to re-organize the company internally, as well as encourage the implementation of systems and re-design their financial processes. Enabling the collection of data to be analyzed to produce high-detailed reporting to assist management in finding efficiencies and make better decisions for their business.


F Silveira, Chartered Professional Accountant has a team with diverse experience in all areas of accounting, which allows us to provide you with a wide range of accounting services, including:

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping

  • Preparation of interim financial reports, to update you with ongoing results of your business

  • Assisting you with your payroll, while resolving issues with WSIB, EHT, HST

  • Developing strategies to keep you in good standing with CRA, WSIB, and other government identities, while you focus on your business.

Our experience and expertise are here to provide you with customized strategies and solutions specifically tailored to your business.


Our premier tax services provide you with solutions, tax planning, and consulting services to support your business’s growth and individual goals and objectives.

Effective tax planning and structure plays an important role for all businesses to minimize tax inefficiencies and provide effective tax solutions.

We provide personal, self-employed, corporate, and trust returns services